PACO/DECO is a multi-disciplinary design group specializing in the visual development of apparel, brands and products. What does this mean? We create memorable ideas and designs that help set your company apart.

At the core of PACO/DECO, is founder, Paul Calderon, a graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design and a twenty-five year veteran in the graphic design profession. Paul has had a successful career working as both an independent and in-house creative director as well as creating and developing a handful of apparel brands. PACO/DECO is the latest incarnation of his creative life path.

PACO/DECO enjoys working with innovative clients that are focused and motivated. We understand that taking an idea into the visual realm can be frustrating and difficult. PACO/DECO helps to create a clear, successful path that meets your creative objectives.

PACO/DECO services include:
–  Art Direction
–  Graphic Design
–  Apparel Design
–  Apparel Printing
–  Photography
–  Video Production
–  Package Design
–  Web Design
–  Advertising